The talent and versatility of Sandra Giles is apparent in the long list of credits she has earned in her performances on television, in motion pictures, and on the stage.

Her television work includes "Crisis in Mid-Air" and "are You In the House Alone," both CBS Movies of  the Week. she appeared on the ABC series "Sweepstakes," and has been seen on "Quincy," "Colombo," "Get Christie Love," "Adam12," "The Odd couple," three segments of "The Rogues," and two segments of "Burke's Law," She appeared on two segments of "Land of The Giants," and has been on the "Steve Allen Show"

In motion pictures Sandra has been seen in "Last of  The Red Hot Lovers," "The Mad bomber," McClintock," "Black Gun," "Flare-Up," and "It Happened at The World's Fair," among others.

On stage, she co-starred with Don Knotts in "Last of the red Hot Lovers," and played Caesar's Palace with Mickey Rooney and Tony Randall in "The Odd Couple." She co-starred with Bob Crane in "Beginner's Luck" and played in "Death Of A Salesman" at the Call Board Theatre with David Canary and Henry Beckman. For relaxation she enjoys tennis, horseback riding, bicycle riding, motorcycle riding, snow skiing, and she loves to dance. she is 5'5" tall, 124 lbs. and is a blonde with brown eyes.